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black rubber necklace 45cm 45 cm

Artikelnummer: 000-026

black rubber necklace 45cm 925 Sterling Silver nickel free individually handmade

2-3 Tage Lieferzeit für Privatkunden.

You are looking for a special present for your loved ones or want to treat yourself?

The necklace itself is not included in the price but you can purchase one of our natural rubber or Sterling Silver necklaces for a bargain in addition to your pendant.


45 cm

We at pakilia emphasize sustainable and handmade production of our fair-trade products. Every piece of jewelry is crafted by the loving hands of our craftspeople in mexico.

The silversmith that created your unique piece is Workshop Faadri

Adriàn from “Faadri” is currently building the family business to be something secure and bigger.. He is very ambitious and motivated to lead the workshop, which was started by his parents, and to make the smithing his new future perspective. The name “Faadri” originated from the combination of Adriàn and Fabiàn, which represents him and his brother. His parents Sabino and Rosa are still active in the working process and are responsible for the silver and natural rubber necklaces in the shop.

Care label: 

pakilia jewelry is uncoated and shines in real silver glance. Silver reacts with sulfurous compounds which is the reason it can get a little darker over time. Best practice is to store the pieces in a dark and safe spot and to take them off if you do sports or have contact with water for a longer amount of time. For cleaning we recommend a regular polish with a cleaning cloth, which is purchasable at pakilia as well. 

This piece of jewelry is meant as a present? 

pakilia translated means “to give happiness” and therefore we offer to send your purchase to a friend's address as a present. In addition you can type in an individual message, which we then add as a handwritten greeting card from you.

We create your individual request! 

You want your piece smaller, bigger or in a different colour? Our smiths would love to craft your unique piece at your wish starting with just 10€ added to the original price. 

Just type your individual request in the message box, which you will find in the shopping cart and we will get in touch with you!

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