Care of silver jewelry

Tips for long-term enjoyment of pakilia silver jewelry

Our pakilia jewelry is uncoated and shines with a real silver shine! In general, it is good to know that silver reacts with sulfur-containing compounds, which are particularly found in cosmetics, sweat and in small quantities in the air. The fact that it can tarnish and get a little darker over time is therefore a normal chemical reaction of the metal.

What you should be aware of

- Your piece of jewelry is best kept in a dark and protected place.

- Do not wear silver jewelry while exercising, bathing, sleeping, doing housework, gardening or in the sauna.

- Always put on jewelry after applying hairspray, make-up, perfume or deodorant. cleaning

- Polish the pieces regularly with a silver cleaning cloth.

- Already tarnished pieces of jewelery, where the silver cleaning cloth does not reach all corners, can find a new shine by immersing them in silver.

- Occasionally rinse the jewelry with water and washing-up liquid and pat dry.


- Regularly polish the pieces with a silver polishing cloth. 

- Jewelry that is already tarnished and where the silver polishing cloth does not reach all the corners can be given a new shine with a silver dipping bath. 

- Rinse the jewelry occasionally with water and washing-up liquid and pat dry. 

Our tip

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In order to keep your beautiful real jewellery as shiny and long-lasting as possible, the right care is essential. Here you will find all the tips and advice you need to preserve the shine and beauty of your jewellery.